DevStats 1.0

Phone stats in nice scroll feature


  • Scrolling feature
  • Adjustable speed


  • I'd like it even faster

Very good

This handy plug-in let's you see all the important functions of your phone in a scrolling menu. So whenever you're worried about how much battery power you have left or if your memory is running near capacity you can get the data you need quickly and without opening several folders hidden somewhere in your menu. The scroll works at different speeds with an animated battery bar so there's no excuse for losing power miles away from home or office.

If scrolling is too much effort for you then you can arrange to have each function positioned in a horizontal single line menu. Also you get a big clock display. The best feature is the fact that you can adjust the speed of the scrolling to get it at a speed most comfortable for your use. I like it quick to save me waiting for the option I need but who knows you might be different!

Today screen plugin that shows storage, battery and memory information either scrolling or all on a single line, your choice. The first 4 frames of the screenshot, starting with Device Storage are the scrolling options. Fast = 2 second delay, Normal = 4 second and Slow = 8 second. Frame 5 is the selection menu, and Frame 6 is the Single Line option. The battery icon is animated. As your battery decreases, the bar on the battery goes down as well.

- Copy to your device (via ActiveSync or another method of your choosing).
- Open your favorite File Explorer program and navigate to the directory you stored the .cab file in.
- Click (or double-click) the .cab file to begin installation.

The plugin is not active by default. In order to activate it, you must go to your Today settings and enable it.
Start - Settings - Personal - Today - Items - Place a checkmark next to DevStats.



DevStats 1.0

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